Electronic Prescription Services

We now provide an Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) which means you can arrange for your repeat medications to be sent to any pharmacy you choose, (including home delivery services) this could be a local service near your home, or a pharmacy near your place of work, etc.

Repeat Prescriptions Requests

Patients on long-term medication can order repeat prescriptions in the following ways, in each case please ensure you print your First & Last Name and Date of Birth:

In person – you can drop your tear-off repeat slip, or a hand written note via the external post box outside the surgery. Alternatively you could collect a prescription request form from the receptions and fill it in and drop it via the post box.  Please note we do not collect such requests over the reception.

By Post – Please send us your slip or a letter enclosing a stamped addressed envelope if you want us to post it back to you.

By Email – Please eMail your request with all the relevant information to nclccg.moorfieldroadhealthcentre@nhs.net

Via PATCHS – Repeat prescriptions can also be requested via PATCHS, click on the right option and fill in the details of your medication, we will then deal with the request.

Online – If you are already registered for ‘Patient Access’ which gives you access to pre-bookable appointment booking and cancellation, requesting repeat medication, viewing allergies, medications, immunisations, test results, consultations etc, then you could use the app to order your medication just with a few clicks of your fingerprints.

Via your nominated Pharmacy – You may nominate a pharmacy local to you, to make prescription request on your behalf. A lot of pharmacies in the areas work with our patients and follow-up and order prescriptions in batches.  


IMPORTANT Points To Remember


– Keep all tablets and medicines away from children
– Do not share or give your medication to anyone else
– If you have any concerns or feel unwell after being prescribed new medication – call the surgery and ask to talk to a doctor or pharmacist
– If you no-longer need a medication ask for it to be removed from your repeat prescription
– Take any old or unused medication to the pharmacy and they will dispose of it for you
– Pharmacists are very knowledge about medication, do not be afraid to ask them for advice when you are collecting your prescription, for      example if you need to know if you can take Paracetamol while taking medication prescribed by your doctor – they can also help with minor aliments like bites, sore throats, coughs and colds.
– If you have been issued a new medication either from hospital or from your GP practice do not presume this will automatically be placed into repeat prescription. Please contact your doctor or clinical pharmacist to ensure you don’t run out of this new medication if you need it on a regular basis.


Prescription Requests Turnaround Time

Please allow 48 hours for Prescription Requests to be reviewed and acted on. 

Drop off Day Before 10:00 AM

Electronic Prescription Issue 
Monday Wednesday after 04:00 PM
Tuesday Thursday after 04:00 PM
Wednesday Friday after 04:00 PM
Thursday Monday after 04:00 PM
Friday Tuesday after 04:00 PM
Prescription dropped in over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) will be included in the Monday drop off day run
>> Please Ensure Accurate Details of Your Prescriptions Are Supplied
>> Please Allow 2 Working Days for Repeat Prescriptions to Be Processed